Living Faith

4th April 2020
living faith

Tragedy and triumph

From time to time we read about or hear of the most inspiring stories of human endeavour, in which people have struggled through appalling tragedy to […]
21st October 2019
living faith

All the saints

Most of us, especially if involved with youngsters, will have been aware this week of Hallowe’en, with its strange and eerie customs. It is quite a […]
6th June 2019
living faith

Making the most of what we are given

Recently I had a brief conversation with someone I met by chance, as we happened to pass in a doorway. We commented, rather typically, on the […]
19th March 2019
living faith

Seeing the Light

This coming Wednesday, 20th March, sees 2019’s Vernal (or Spring) Equinox, when the hours of light equal those of darkness. From then until Midsummer Day, we […]
7th January 2019
living faith

Gifts, valued or unwanted

Christmas Day has been and gone, but we are probably still surrounded by the many presents we unwrapped on the big day. Maybe we’ve already started […]
15th October 2018
living faith

Need help?

Need help? That’s one of today’s FAQs, whether about assembling an item of flat-pack furniture, on a website, at the top of a magazine problem page […]
20th June 2018
living faith


Summer is the time when many of us like to be outside in the garden, or amongst the wide spaces of the open air. From time […]