22nd June 2020

Our World, Our Future, What Does the Bible Say?

On the 21st May Mark gave an online presentation about our world, our future, and what the Bible has to say about it.  This presentation has […]
4th April 2020
living faith

Tragedy and triumph

From time to time we read about or hear of the most inspiring stories of human endeavour, in which people have struggled through appalling tragedy to […]
1st December 2019

Christmas meal 2019

Yesterday we all enjoyed a lovely three course meal together. With a starter of either pate or melon, main of turkey or vegetarian pie, and various […]
21st October 2019
living faith

All the saints

Most of us, especially if involved with youngsters, will have been aware this week of Hallowe’en, with its strange and eerie customs. It is quite a […]
29th September 2019
Sutton Expo 2019

Sutton Expo 2019

Thank you to everyone who came to visit our stall at Sutton Coldfield Expo 2019. We had some great chats and handed out lots of packets […]
25th September 2019

Come and join us at Sutton Expo 2019

We’re looking forward to being part of this year’s Sutton Expo on Saturday 28th September. This year we’re promoting a short half hour presentation, “Planting a […]
15th August 2019

Sutton Camp 2019

This summer our youngsters again enjoyed a great week camping with sun, wind and rain in Wales. During the week they studied the Bible topic of […]
6th June 2019
living faith

Making the most of what we are given

Recently I had a brief conversation with someone I met by chance, as we happened to pass in a doorway. We commented, rather typically, on the […]
16th May 2019

Family Fraternal 2019

Our annual Family Fraternal held each year at Elford Village Hall.
31st March 2019

Family Dinner

Yesterday we all enjoyed a great evening dinner together. Together we enjoyed a starter of Pate or Soup, mains of Beef Bourguignon or Chicken Chasseur and a choice of desserts.
19th March 2019
living faith

Seeing the Light

This coming Wednesday, 20th March, sees 2019’s Vernal (or Spring) Equinox, when the hours of light equal those of darkness. From then until Midsummer Day, we […]
2nd March 2019

Our Open Day 2019

Today we enjoyed a great day together opening our hall up to anyone who wished to come in.  We had a a mini exhibition up which was a quick summary of our core beliefs.